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“I have never thought of this Company as a one-man show. This is a show of talent in every division of this Company that has learned their craft. Each one of you has a story that brought you here, that keeps you here, that inspires you, that grows and feeds your passion.”

Our story begins with one man and one legendary dream. For more than 50 years, that dream has come to life across products, experiences, markets, and cultures all over the world. As Ralph has said himself, “It’s not just clothes, it’s how you live and what your dreams are.” Today, with more than 40 offices in 14 countries across the globe, everything we do is approached with the same values and conviction that drove Mr. Lauren to create his first tie in 1967. These are the universal values of individuality, aspiration, love and belonging. We believe in family, friendship and optimism.

In our own business, this translates to something we call The Ralph Lauren Way: Love what you do, be passionate, work hard, work together, take risks, stay real, never compromise, aspire to the best.

These values define our culture, a culture that is deeply invested in our employees’ professional development and encourages constant learning and skill-building. We know it takes all types of people — reflecting a broad array of backgrounds, personalities, and points of view — to make our company great. Wherever you join us, you’ll find diverse, dedicated, engaged, and focused teams working to deliver Mr. Lauren’s vision and drive our brands and business.

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