“You don’t stay around for so many years if you have nothing new to say.”

Starting with a wide tie that revolutionized the fashion industry, Ralph Lauren has built a 50-year legacy by taking risks and always looking beyond what is in style. Our brands are timeless at their core, and our consumers know we are not simply dressing them for this season — we are serving them for their lives and lifestyles.

With this uncompromising spirit of innovation, we always endeavor to dream big when it comes to our designs and the ways we bring them to life. Each new look and every new dream is our opportunity to win over new generations, to show them our vision and how we never forget to strive for limitlessness for ourselves, our employees, our partners, and our consumers.

Innovation Highlights

The Polo App

Ralph Lauren introduced its first-ever mobile commerce app dedicated specifically to the Polo brand in the fall of 2018.

The Polo App aims to inspire and engage a broad community of brand loyalists, as well as appeal to the next generation of Polo Ralph Lauren “superfans” through limited-edition product launches, insider access, exclusive content, and curated product selections only available on the App. The App has unique features, is shoppable, and encourages users to engage with it. Editors, influencers, and celebrities will make guest appearances, and vintage items will be sold from the archives. Users are able to vote on potential new product releases, get a peek inside the lives and homes of other Polo collectors, and reach out to Mr. Lauren himself with the “Ask Ralph” component.

Digital expansion is a key priority within the Company, and the introduction of this app adds a new dimension to the omni-channel retail experience for Polo consumers.

Manufacturing on Demand

Manufacturing on Demand

In November of 2018, Ralph Lauren launched a digital-first, on-demand customization experience, anchored by the Create Your Own Custom Crewneck Sweater. The program provides customers with the opportunity to co-create a one-of-a-kind, personalized piece.

With millions of design possibilities, customers may put their signature spin on this luxury merino wool sweater, making each design unique to them. The sweaters are then knit to order and shipped to the customer within two weeks.

With this innovative program, Ralph Lauren is exploring the world of on-demand manufacturing, a model with both immediate and future benefits, including reducing product inventory and product waste, eliminating the need for markdowns and allowing for rapid fulfillment and agility in meeting consumer desires and tastes. As traditional manufacturing processes give way to new technologies, we look to be at the forefront of what is emerging as a revolutionary new approach to meeting the needs of today’s consumer.

RL Heat

In January of 2019, Ralph Lauren unveiled the limited-edition spacesuit-inspired Polo 11 Heated Jacket and iconic Glacier Down Jacket. As an evolution of the heated outerwear technology first developed for Ralph Lauren’s Olympic athlete apparel, these new outerwear pieces feature an updated heating component — controlled via Bluetooth through the new RL Heat app.

The jackets feature a heat-dispersive silver lining with an American flag printed in conductive carbon and silver ink. Powered by a slim Mophie battery that plugs into the jacket’s inside pocket with adjustable warming levels, the heat lasts up to three hours at its highest level. In addition to controlling the temperature gauge, the app also displays the current weather outside. Mophie power banks come with the jacket for charging, however any certified USB power source can power the garment.

The Polo 11 Jacket is a modern interpretation of the white iconic Polo Jeans parka from 1997, which was inspired by the pressure suits worn on space missions throughout the 20th century. The jacket quickly became an incredible success, eventually reaching the status of an iconic collector’s item. The brand brought back the infamous parka and updated it with its state-of-the-art heat technology, merging fashion and function.