Timeless by Design


Timeless by Design is the next phase of our Global Citizenship & Sustainability approach, which aims to create positive social and environmental impact across our Company, our industry and broader society.

Our Timeless by Design philosophy has three pillars:


Since the inception of our Company, we’ve always believed in creating things that last. Today, we are embracing our philosophy of timelessness to create more responsibly – with more sustainable materials, according to circular design principles and by instilling cultural sustainability practices. With Timeless by Design, we are embedding timelessness from inspiration through to products’ every use and reuse across generations.


We strive to operate our business in ways that respect our planet — such as using renewable energy, managing our waste properly and taking steps to preserve Earth’s most vital resource, water. By adopting practices that help protect the world’s natural sources, we can be stewards in protecting our environment for generations to come.


Creating a business that is timeless and has a positive impact means building relationships that stand the test of time — ensuring everyone is included, respected and empowered. That’s why we’re committed to supporting our employees, our partners and those within our communities and working with them to build a bright future.

Our Global Citizenship & Sustainability Goals


Ensure all of our design, production and merchant teams receive annual training on sustainable, circular, inclusive and culturally aware design

Five of our iconic products will be C2C Certified® by 2025

Offer high quality products made with 100% recycled cotton by 2025

Enable our past and future products to Live On responsibly by 2030

Set and implement circular principles into our design and development process by 2025

Connect consumers with options to rent, repair and recirculate our products in select top cities by 2025

Invest in scaling innovative technologies and regenerative practices to advance a circular economy by 2025

Achieve 100% sustainably sourced key materials by 2025

100% of animal-derived materials will be certified to an animal welfare standard and traceable by 2025

Achieve 100% wood substrates used in key elements of new store interiors Forest Stewardship Council (or equivalent) Certified repurposed or recycled by 2025

80% of our business will be with key and strategic suppliers that meet the criteria across business, social and environmental performances and potential by 2025

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Reduce absolute Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions by 30% by 2030 (SBTi-approved) and achieve net zero by 2040 from a FY20 base year

Power our owned and operated offices, distribution centers and stores with 100% renewable electricity by 2025

Develop a biodiversity strategy and set goals aligned with the Science Based Targets for Nature by 2024

Achieve at least a 20% reduction in total water use across our operations and value chain, compared to a FY20 baseline by 2025

Achieve zero waste to landfill across our distribution centers by 2023

Achieve 100% recyclable, reusable or sustainably sourced packaging materials by 2025

Eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in our supply chain by 2025

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Ensure at least 20% of our Global Leadership Team is comprised of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups by FY23

Maintain gender parity with equal representation in leadership positions at the VP level and above

Increase employee volunteer hours by 25% compared to a FY22 baseline by 2025

Roll out our Wage Management Strategy to all of our strategic and key suppliers to address fair and timely compensation for factory workers by FY23

Make empowerment and life skills programs available to 250,000 workers across our supply chain by 2030

Achieve a 25% increase of women in factory leadership that seeks to create a path to parity by 2025

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Collaborating for Impact

We believe that collaboration with industry peers and experts — inside and outside of our industry — is essential to accelerate meaningful change.

While this list is not exhaustive, see many of our FY22 memberships, initiatives and partnerships here.

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